Our collection of Prosthesis Breast Forms are available in various types

Our comprehensive range makes it easy to find the ideal fit for your body, so you can perfect your silhouette whether you’re wearing loose-fitting casual wear, or a form-fitting career ensemble”


Recovery after surgery

  • For leisure & comfort post-surgery.

  • Provides temporary shape replacement.

Essential Breast Form

  • Restore the body symmetry for a balanced and secure fit.

Comfort - Cool Breast Form

  • Keeps you cool throughout the day.

  • Specially design to gently massage the chest wall.

Lightweight Natural Breast Form

  • For the natural look and feel .

  • A comfortable fit for all-day wear.

Ultra lightweight Natural Breast Form

  • For the natural look and feel.

  • Ultra-light for an all-day comfortable fit.

Feather Light & personalised breast form

  • Feather light for ultimate comfort.

  • Adjustable and highly versatile for customised, individual fittings.

Feel Like Part of You Breast Form

  • Flowable gel curves along and hug the chest wall for the best, secure fit.

Keep Dry All Day

  • Minimizes perspiration to stay dry all day.

  • Reduces breast form shifting in the bra pocket.

For Swimming

  • Swim form is specially designed to stay in place under water.

Breast Shaper

  • Enhance your natural shape.

  • Restore the body symmetry for a natural balance.

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