Oral7 Moisturising Toothpaste
Oral7 Moisturising ToothpasteOral7 Moisturising Toothpaste
RM 43.00

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Oral7® Moisturising Toothpaste contains natural enzymes to help reinforce your mouth's own defence system.


Product Features

  • With natural enzymes to help reinforce the functions of healthy saliva.
  • Low foaming. No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (drying agent).
  • Neutralises acids, therefore maintaining a neutral balance of pH7.
  • With Fluoride and Calcium.
  • Helps to keep breath fresh.
  • Extra beneficial for Dry Mouth sufferers.

Oral7® h
elps to clean away the bacteria associated with bad breath, sore gums, cavities and plaque



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