Wellness Video Sharing

Can-Care understands the needs of caring and support that give them the best accessibility to the services that we provide.  Watch some of our wellness video sharing conducted with health care profession within the industry.

Exercise & Wellness

Navigating the New Normal

At the end of cancer treatment, a new chapter of your life begins – one that can bring hope and happiness, but perhaps also worries and fear. Having lived a life which revolves around a schedule of what seem to be endless doctor’s appointments, treatments and surgeries, many people are eager to get back to real life and pick up where they left off before the cancer. But, is this even possible? 

Working During Cancer Treatment

While undergoing cancer treatment, some people are eager to carry on as normal and continue to work throughout their treatment. Some people choose to take a leave of absence to concentrate on their selves and on their healing.

Exercise for Cancer Patients

Getting plenty of rest when you’re undergoing cancer treatment can help in your recovery, but adding some physical activity during and after cancer treatment can be extremely beneficial to your mind, body and soul.

Recovery After Surgery & Possible Side Effects

The period of recovery from breast cancer surgery is different for everyone. One reason is because not all breast cancer surgeries are the same. Some people may have had a double mastectomy, where both breasts are removed, while others may have had a single mastectomy, and in other cases some people may have had a lumpectomy (removal of the cancer with a small margin of healthy tissue surrounding it) instead. Either way, having gone through a major operation such as breast cancer surgery would have taken a toll on your body. 
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