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Founded in 1997, Can-Care is dedicated to helping female breast cancer patients cope with the after-effects of treatments, providing emotional support and empowering them to find some normalcy in their lives.

Can-Care Services

The journey to recovery goes beyond hospital treatment. Every patients require the right solutions to support their recovery.

Quality from credible source

At Can-Care, we listen to patients’ needs and source for products that support their comfort and recovery.



CAN-CARE Platform & Support

Finding out that you or a loved one has cancer can be overwhelming. 

At Can-Care we provide support and advise to our patients from various needs.

Breast Prosthesis: An Alternative to Reconstruction
Breast Prosthesis: An Alternative to Reconstruction If you decide that breast reconstruction isn’t right for you but still want a
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Preparing For Breast Surgery
Preparing For Breast Surgery Making the decision to undergo breast surgery (mastectomy) as part of your breast cancer treatment plan
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Preparing For Chemotherapy
Preparing For Chemotherapy You’ve met with your medical oncologist (a doctor specialising in cancer treatment with medication), you’re aware of
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