1. To make it easier to put on your garment, start early in the morning before your feet hit the ground.

2. Take your time! Never pull garment from the top.

3. Follow instructions:

4. Gloves and special devices can be used for putting compression garment on.

5. When removing the garment, never roll it down.

Compression arm sleeve

  • It is an elastic garment with a graduated compression or pressure which may help relieve simple swelling (lymphedema stage 0 to 1) in the arm.

  • Most commonly available in Class 1 (20-30mmHg; prophylaxis use) and Class 2 (30-40mmHg; part of treatment regime for lymphedema).

  • Consult your doctor/certified therapist for recommended usage of compression arm sleeves.

Compression stockings

  • Compression stockings are medical-grade devices designed to improve the flow of blood and the drainage of lymph in the feet and/or ankles.

  •  By graduating the degree of compression from firm at the foot to somewhat looser at the top of the garment, these specially designed stockings can enhance the flow of lymph.

  •  The following measurements guide must be taken to ensure you are using the correct size.

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